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This month: carbon taxes, domestic violence leave, and truck driver licensing

Carbon tax:
The federal government has required all territories and provinces to implement a carbon tax starting in 2019 as an effort to tackle climate change. The government in NWT decided to create a “made-in-territory” carbon tax. Starting July 1, 2019, a $20 carbon tax will be put on each tonne of greenhouse gas emissions, increasing to $50/tonne by 2022. This is about 4.7 cents per litre of gas to start, rising to 11.7 cents by 2022.

There will be several rebates created to help mitigate the new cost. Nonetheless, the government expects that by 2022 (when the tax is fully implemented) the cost after rebates will average $350 per family.  Read more about the rebates and other facts here.

Domestic violence leave
The territorial government is contemplating leave for those suffering domestic abuse at home. If the changes occur, employers would be required to offer employees mandatory leave if they are experiencing abuse. Whether those days are paid or not and the number of required days provided has not been decided. If the territory goes ahead with this idea, these changes could come into effect October 2019.

Read more here.

Mandatory truck driver training
Currently, the territorial government does not require truck drivers to get mandatory training for new Class 1 and Class 2 commercial truck drivers. Private companies are responsible for training their drivers.

The territory is contemplating requiring all new truck drivers to take training classes before driving commercial. Currently, only Ontario requires this training, consisting of 100 hours of road training and a successful completing of a written exam at a cost of $7,000.

This change comes in the wake of the tragic Humboldt bus accident. However, some warn this could have a considerable cost on both businesses and consumers.

Read more here.

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