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Northwest Territories receives an “F” in CFIB’s national red tape report card

Every January, we showcase throughout Red Tape Awareness Week the cost and impact of excessive regulation to small business. Every day brings another compelling announcement, regulatory challenge, or insightful report designed to make your government aware of the mess that red tape can cause such as restraining growth and stifling innovation. 

To evaluate how a province/territory is doing, we grade each government’s red tape reduction efforts to see how your government stacks up to the rest of Canada.

The GNWT comes in with its second consecutive failing grade. Although regulatory reform has been put in the spotlight through mandate letters to cabinet ministers, no significant changes have been made to reduce red tape. With strong political leadership, there is an opportunity to raise this grade up. We strongly encourage comprehensive public measurement and a clear cap on government rules.

We look forward to working with the GNWT to make meaningful red tape reduction for small businesses. Who knows what new grade could be on the horizon for RTAW 2019?

To learn more about other province/territories grades, please visit and follow #redtape. To inform us of red tape issues burdening your small business, please email [email protected].

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