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One less form for small businesses to fill out!

Victory! Thanks to CFIB’s efforts, businesses with fewer than 10 employees will have a little less paperwork to fill out. As of July 8, 2015, they will no longer have to produce the employer declaration on pay equity (DEMES).

The Pay Equity Act applies to businesses with more than 10 employees, but the old regulation required businesses with six to 10 employees to complete an annual report, even if they weren’t subject to the Act.

CFIB has been a driving force behind this change to the Act from the very beginning. It was a key recommendation of the working group on regulatory and administrative simplification’s (Groupe de travail sur la simplification réglementaire et administrative) report, where the government committed to its modification. We strongly supported Labour Minister Sam Hamad’s subsequent draft of the amendment to the regulation on the employer’s statement on pay equity (projet de Règlement modifiant le Règlement concernant la déclaration de l’employeur en matière d’équité salariale).

The amendment, which comes into force on July 8, 2015, provides that only companies with 11 employees or more will have to fill out the employer declaration on pay equity (DEMES).

Thanks to the amendment, 25,000 businesses will be saved from having to produce the burdensome and time-consuming annual report!

Who will be subjected to the amendment as of July 8, 2015?

  • All companies with 11 employees or more registered with the REQ (Registraire des entreprises du Québec) in the previous year
  • All companies with fewer than 11 employees registered with the REQ (Registraire des entreprises du Québec) that declared they were subject to the Pay Equity Act in their previous employer declaration on pay equity (DEMES)


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March 9, 2015

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