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Our fight to stop Sask’s WCB cash grab

What is the policy?

The Saskatchewan WCB has a policy that requires mandatory coverage for all active directors of corporations carried on payroll. An active Director who is reporting employment income on a T4 form is considered a worker by the WCB and is required to have WCB coverage.

The majority of you (72%) believe the WCB Act should be changed to allow directors to voluntary purchase WCB coverage. We agree with you that Saskatchewan should provide more flexibility, like Manitoba & Alberta, which allow directors of corporations to voluntarily purchase coverage, but do not require it.

What are we doing to stop WCB’s cash grab?

  • We raised your concerns directly with the WCB CEO and Board members.
  • We presented your views/concerns to the Workers’ Compensation Act Committee of Review (COR) on ways to improve WCB, which included changing the Act to allow Directors the flexibility to purchase optional WCB coverage.


Join the fight! Please sign our action alert and help fight for change: Allow Directors the Flexibility to Purchase Optional WCB Coverage

August 15, 2017

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