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BC Employer Health Tax needs check up

In 2018, the BC provincial government announced a $1.9 billion tax hit over 75,000 businesses that was implemented on on January 1, 2019. This tax is known as the Employer Health Tax (EHT).

To replace lost revenues from the elimination of Medical Service Plan (MSP) premiums, the BC government introduced the EHT. The new tax imposes an additional cost for employers of up to 1.95 per cent on total payroll. Businesses with payroll under $500,000 are exempt from paying the tax. 

To better understand if your business is responsible for paying the tax, or to get more detail, click here.

As currently structured, the EHT is not business-friendly. This tax came as a brand new costs for many businesses, and we understand your serious concern for the tax.

This is why since day one, we have opposed it. Despite our warning and opposition, the province introduced the tax. At the very least, the provincial government needs to change the structure of the tax to be more business friendly. Check out or research report in the box below to learn more on how we're fighting for the tax to be reformed. 

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