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Plastic Bag Ban coming to PEI

More details and regulations will be coming as government works through the details, but a private members' bill passed in June 2018 will mean the end of single-use plastic "check-out" bags as of July 1, 2019.

Paper bags and reusable bags will be the only option available in most circumstances. There will be exceptions for:

  • Bulk food plastic bags for fruit, vegetables, nuts, candy or baked products.
  • Bulk plastic hardware bags for nails, bolts or washers.
  • Plastic bags for meat, poultry or fish and frozen foods.
  • Bags used for potted plants or to wrap flowers.
  • Packages for medical supplies or prescription drugs.
  • Big plastic bags for things that won't fit in reusable bags like linens or bedding.
  • The bags that protect vehicle tires between changeovers.
  • Bags that cover clothing after dry cleaning.

In place of the plastic check-out bags, recyclable paper bags can still be provided at a cost to customers of no less than 15 cents or reusable bags at no less than $1.

We will be keeping small businesses in the loop as regulations are formulated and more details are announced.