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Premier makes strong commitments to Saskatchewan business owners

On January 27, Scott Moe became the leader of the Saskatchewan Party and Saskatchewan’s 15th Premier.  We welcomed the opportunity to meet with Premier Moe on March 8th to discuss your key priorities and concerns.


    In particular, we welcome Premier Moe’s commitments to the following policies:

    1. Getting back to balance:

    • Committed to introduce a 5% workforce reduction in Executive Government and the Crown Corporations through retirement and attrition as part of his plan to balance the budget. Potential savings of $70 million.

    2. Competitive Tax Environment:

    • Will remove the PST from insurance premiums: Committed to reinstate the PST exemption on crop, life, accident and health insurance.

    Progress made: We’re pleased Premier Scott Moe listened  to business owners’ concerns and reinstated the PST exemption for agriculture, life and health insurance premiums. While this is an important step forward, we will continue to push for the removal of the PST from other insurance products such as property and vehicle insurance.

    • PST Commission – is prepared to consider a revenue threshold similar to the GST for collecting and remitting after consultations with stakeholders.
    • Opposes a federally imposed Carbon Tax.
    • Rejects increasing taxation powers to municipalities (e.g. fuel, income or sales taxes)

    3. Red Tape Reduction: 

    • Believes strongly that we need to get rid of the bad rules and make good rules easier to understand in order to make it easier for business owners to do what needs to be done.
    • Government needs to cut obsolete regulations and pointless paperwork.
    • Committed to a Red Tape Web-Portal where questions and concerns are submitted and responded to on an ongoing basis.

    4. Balanced Labour Laws:

    • Opposes increasing Saskatchewan’s minimum wage from $10.96 to $15.00 per hour.

    As you can see, we have very strong commitments from the new Premier on a number of key policy issues. See full responses from Scott Moe.

    March 6, 2018

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