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Premier Scott Moe values your views

We know you’re too busy to attend meetings with politicians, so instead we ask your opinion on issues that matter to your business and then present your key concerns to decision makers, like the Premier or Finance Minister.

We recently met with Premier Scott Moe to discuss a number of your key concerns, as well as present your 2018 pre-budget priorities. While we welcomed the government’s decision to reinstate the PST exemption for agriculture (crop, livestock & hail insurance premiums), and life and health insurance premiums, we urged the Premier to take the next step and remove the PST from other insurance products such as property and vehicle insurance.

This is what you told us: 

How should the government balance its budget?

  • 76% support reducing existing spending (i.e. reducing the size and cost of government through workforce attrition, further rollbacks of wages etc.).
  • 50% support refraining from spending on new initiatives.
  • 35% support increasing revenue through other non-tax measures (e.g. user fees).
  • Only 7% believe the government should increase provincial taxes to collect additional revenue.

CFIB’s 2018-19 pre-budget recommendations:

1. Getting back to balance

Continue to reduce existing spending:

  • Continue to further reduce the size/cost of Executive government through attrition by another 5% over next 4 years.
  • Require Crown Corporations and non front-line components of Third Party entities to implement a 10% reduction in their size and cost through attrition over the next four years.
  • Narrow wages/benefits disparity (20.4%) between public and private sector employees for Executive government, Crown Corporations and key Third Party entities, until the Budget is balanced.
  • Eliminate the banking of sick days in the public sector and introduce affordable short-term disability plans for public sector workers to better align sick leave provisions with those of the private sector and provide newer public sector employees with peace of mind should they fall ill.

2. Ways to help restore small business confidence:


  • Reinstate the PST commission (70% of you support reinstating the commission paid to businesses for the collection and remittance of the Provincial Sales Tax (PST).
  • Reinstate the indexation of Personal Income Tax (PIT) system; and
  • Remove the PST from other insurance products such as property & vehicle insurance (90% of you support this).


  • Introduce a plan to eliminate Saskatchewan’s small business corporate income tax rate (reduce the rate on the first $600,000 of business income from 2% to 0%).
  • Commit to reduce the PST, as the province’s finances improve (90% of you support this).

April 6, 2018

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