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Red Tape Action Plan: a victory for small businesses in Quebec!

The Quebec government has just released an action plan to reduce red tape, with several specific measures that will make your life easier!

This action plan can be seen (in French) at Plan d’action gouvernemental en matière d’allègement réglementaire. We are very proud of the fact that we worked closely with the government on the development of this action plan: the committee that created it is co-chaired by Martine Hébert, Senior VP, CFIB.

This is great news for you: your concerns were the inspiration for the changes that are currently being made by various ministries!

Less red tape for all small businesses

All small business owners can expect to see a further 10% reduction in the cost of complying with government regulations by 2018. This new target represents a 50% reduction overall in the cost of red tape since the government started working on this issue in 2001! A breath of fresh air for you!

In the new plan, the government has made a commitment to:

  • Reduce processing times (for applications for permits, authorizations and registrations);
  • Simplify, merge or eliminate certain forms;
  • Provide instructions that are clearer so that they are better adapted to your realities;
  • Make certain paperwork valid for longer (for example, making a permit valid for three years instead of one);
  • Improve electronic service delivery (more forms that are fillable online);
  • Harmonize the application of statutes and regulations (for greater consistency between regions).

Each of the ministries and agencies concerned will be required to present a plan for QUANTIFIABLE reductions in paperwork and processing times. All of this will greatly improve your experience when you are dealing with the government.

Note, also, that the action plan calls for reform of the Collective Agreement Decrees ActMore good news for businesses coverer by this statute!

Specific measures in some sectors

All sectors were reviewed in collaboration with some 50 business associations to ensure that the measures would actually reduce red tape for you. The following are examples of the changes that are coming.

A more modern system for the sale of alcohol:

  • Multiple permits merged;
  • Permission to prepare carafes and alcoholic beverages in advance;
  • Permission to post the grape variety of wines sold in grocery stores;
  • Clarification of the definition of a meal.

Simplifications for agricultural producers:

  • A review of the regulation respecting the transport of non-standard farm machinery;
  • Simplification of the management of the annual Phosphorous Report.

Our work will not stop there: we will ensure that all of these positive changes are made within the timeframes promised by the government.



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We sincerely hope that the objectives of this plan will be achieved. Obviously, our work will not stop there. We need to continue to create measures that will make it easier for business owners to meet their obligations to government. When we make their lives easier, we give them an opportunity to devote more time to what they do best: creating jobs and collective wealth in their communities.”

Martine Hébert, Senior VP, CFIB

September 27, 2016

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