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Red Tape Victories in BC!

Red tape is a huge burden for small and medium-sized business. It is estimated that Canadian business owners spend $37 billion annually complying with government rules and paperwork. In recognition of the impact this has on our members, earlier this year CFIB made recommendations on how the BC government can make business owners’ lives easier, see the attached letter for the full submission.

Two of these CFIB recommendations were recently implemented:

  • A permanent websitewhere BC residents and businesses can submit examples of red tape they face, available 24/7. Business owners experience problems with government service, regulations and policies on a nearly daily basis. The new website will allow your issues to be brought directly to the government’s attention.

Submit red tape examples!

  • A centralized website with information on funding available for small business. Through the site’s search tool you can locate funding (provincial, non-governmental, regional, federal) programs and initiatives. CFIB made this recommendation after hearing from small businesses that it is difficult to know what funding is available.

Search for funding

CFIB encourages you to take a look at both of these resources. They offer opportunities to cut the red tape that gets in the way of growth and find funding to help grow your business.

April 18, 2016

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