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Is road construction impacting your business?

In Saskatchewan there are two seasons: winter and road construction! While road construction is a necessary evil, we know it can also hurt your business. Lower sales, higher costs, added stress and even closure are just a few of the devastating consequences road construction wreaks on thousands of small businesses every year.

Recently, CFIB’s research revealed that as many as 65,000 businesses over five years have been affected by road construction projects and often had to borrow, relocate or close down altogether. 

That’s why CFIB is calling on municipalities to address the issue now by starting to compensate businesses negatively impacted by infrastructure projects.

One of the worst examples in Saskatchewan: Ongoing construction delays on Moose Jaw’s High Street West

The delayed Phase Two of the Water Main replacement on Moose Jaw’s High Street West was supposed to only take three weeks, but after almost nine months it is still not complete.  Angry business owners have told us the delays have resulted in: customers having trouble accessing their business, significant loss of sales, damage to their sewer lines and premises, and added stress and anxiety. To add insult to injury, one business owner said his water and sewer lines were disconnected for almost four months and yet continued to receive water bills.

CFIB pushing City of Moose Jaw to start listening! That’s why we presented to the City of Moose Jaw’s Executive Committee and told them to improve communications with the impacted businesses, and introduce a comprehensive construction mitigation policy featuring a compensation program for those impacted.

We are disappointed that the City failed to take decisive action to address their concerns with the ongoing road construction delays. As a result, there are still a number of outstanding issues that need to be addressed including:

  • releasing a detailed plan for the completion of the road construction;
  • improving communications with the impacted business owners; and
  • introducing concrete measures to mitigate the impact of the construction delays.

Has your business been negatively impacted by construction delays? We need to hear from you so we can help fix the problem. Contact CFIB today!

May 23, 2018

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