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Make your voice heard during Saskatchewan’s provincial election

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Saskatchewan’s next provincial election takes place on Monday, October 26th.

Over the coming weeks, you will hear a lot of commitments from all parties about things like infrastructure, health care, education and the economy. But what about addressing small business priorities?  Now more than ever, as small businesses struggle to recover from the pandemic, their issues need to be front and centre in pre-election debates and in party platforms.

As a non-partisan organization, CFIB has already met with three of the province’s political parties to present our pre-election priorities for small businesses and urged them to commit to small business friendly policies.

We are challenging all Saskatchewan political parties to adopt a set of four key small business policies to help improve the business climate. The four small business policies are: 

  • Providing tax relief to help our province’s economic recovery;
  • Spending sustainably (including strategic investments in improving high speed internet and crime prevention across the province);
  • Reducing red tape; and 
  • Improving employment policies and training programs.

To learn more about these four key priorities, please visit and bookmark:

CFIB’s Saskatchewan Election 2020: Website 


We also plan to survey all political party leaders to find out where they stand on issues important to your business and ask for specific commitments on key small business issues. We will post all responses, unedited, on CFIB’s website, share with all media outlets and encourage all members to view the responses in their preparation for Election Day on October 26th.