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Saskatchewan Election 2020

Saskatchewan’s provincial election took place on October 26th. The Saskatchewan Party was re-elected.

Now more than ever, as businesses struggle to recover from the pandemic, your issues needed to be front and centre in party platforms. As a non-partisan organization, CFIB met with three of the province’s political parties to present our pre-election priorities for small businesses and urged them to commit to small business friendly policies.

CFIB is pleased the Saskatchewan Party and Premier Moe committed to:

  • Temporarily reduce the small business corporate income tax rate from two per cent to zero, beginning Oct 1, 2020; 
  • Reduce SaskPower bills by 10 per cent for one year for all SaskPower customers; 
  • Balance the budget by 2024 – without tax increases or reductions in programs and services; 
  • Continue expanding reliable connectivity across Saskatchewan; and
  • Continue reducing red tape across all sectors wherever possible. 

Pushing your priorities

We challenged all Saskatchewan political parties to adopt a set of four key small business policies to help improve the business climate. The four small business policies are: 

  • Providing tax relief to help our province’s economic recovery;
  • Spending sustainably (including strategic investments in improving high speed internet and crime prevention across the province);
  • Reducing red tape; and 
  • Improving employment policies and training programs.

To learn more about these four key priorities, please visit and bookmark:

CFIB’s Saskatchewan Election 2020: Website


We also surveyed all Party Leaders to find out where they stand on issues important to your business.  

CFIB’s Saskatchewan Election 2020: Party Leaders' Survey

October 28, 2020

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