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Saskatchewan Election 2020: Tax Relief to Help the Economy Recover

Small businesses are Saskatchewan's economic drivers and they are key to our economic recovery, but the COVID-19 recovery has been slow for most. 

That is why the majority (67%) of the province’s small business owners believe it is very important for the next government to provide tax relief to help small businesses recover, even if it delays balancing the budget.

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Our recommendations for how the next provincial government can provide much-needed tax relief include: 

  • Immediately delivering provincial tax relief for small businesses to help speed Saskatchewan’s economic recovery such as:  
    • Introducing additional grants for businesses to cover COVID-19 related costs; 
    • Providing temporary PST relief to stimulate customer demand and help restore employment levels; 
  • Introducing a plan to reduce Saskatchewan’s small business corporate income tax rate from 2% to 0% on the first  $600,000 of business income
  • Rejecting any proposal that would provide increased taxation powers for municipalities (e.g. fuel, income or sales tax);
  • Pushing to stop planned CPP premium and federal carbon tax increases, as well as any EI premium increases for the next four years.


September 29, 2020

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