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St. John's Municipal Candidates Answer CFIB Questions

With municipal elections occurring across Newfoundland and Labrador on September 28th we took the opportunity to email City of St. John’s candidates, who were not acclaimed, to get their views on business issues in the city. None of the acclaimed candidates were emailed and an email address for Steve Parsons, candidate for the At Large position, could not be found. 

The questions the candidates received were:

  1. The city is facing a budget shortfall this year. What budgeting changes would you make this year to deal with this shortfall? 
  2. How will you ensure that businesses are informed about infrastructure projects that will impact them and reduce the negative impact associated? 
  3. If elected, how will you support small-businesses that continue to be affected by the COVID-19 pandemic?
  4. How will you reduce red tape/regulatory burden for small businesses in our city?
  5. What do you envision for the pedestrian mall and which areas do you see it encompassing? 
  6. Do you think city snow clearing can be improved to help customer access during the winter?

The responses below to the questions are in the order from which they were received and have not been edited, only numbers have been added to indicate questions that are being answered. Order of responses is Derek Winsor, Mark House, Tom Davis, Carl Ridgeley, Sandy Hickman, Meghan Hollett, Greg Noseworthy, Mark Nichols, Debbie Hanlon, Maggie Burton, Scott Fitzgerald, Ophelia Ravencroft, and Jess Puddister. The CFIB thanks the candidates who took the time out of campaigning to respond to these questions. 

September 23, 2021

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