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Talking small business with Minister Bruce Ralston

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Presenting your views on minimum wage and red tape reduction

Earlier this month we met with Honorable Bruce Ralston, the Minister of Jobs, Trade, and Technology to discuss your priorities. The ministry touches on many small business priorities, so there was a lot of groundwork to cover. We presented your views on several hot policy issues, such as the minimum wage, small business tax rates, the PST, and red tape.

The Minister acknowledged our concern that rapid minimum wage increases can have negative consequences. We also presented ways to offset any increases to the minimum wage. He was very interested in your comments and responses to our recent surveys which highlighted the implications of hurried minimum wage hikes on small business.

Making it easier to run a business in BC is critical. Minister Ralston recognized cutting red tape and improving citizen services is crucial to all British Columbians – small business included. We were happy to hear the new government plans to maintain many of the key red tape reduction policies currently in place. Our recommendations were welcomed and the Minister expressed desire to work with us to find new ways to cut excessive red tape.

Have you had issues with municipal, provincial, or federal red tape? Hearing your stories helps us fuel the fight and effectively deliver your voice to government officials. Submit your stories at [email protected] to have your voice heard!