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Axe the carbon tax

Our survey data shows 87% of CFIB members in Alberta want the carbon tax eliminated. Learn more how we’re working to make your priorities accounted for! 

Backing out of the federal Climate Leadership Plan is just step 1. 

On August 31, 2018 Premier Rachel Notley announced Alberta would no longer be participating in the federal climate plan. This decision was reached following court decision revoking approval of the Trans Mountain pipeline project just the day before.

But more can be done; eliminating the provincial carbon tax should be step 2 for Alberta. Thanks to your feedback, we have recent survey data showing the impacts the carbon tax will have on province’s economy. We are sharing this data with government officials to ensure they know the full consequences of the tax.

  • Survey results show that carbon taxes:
  • Increase operating costs
  • Reduce profitability
  • Increase pressure to freeze and cut salaries
  • Cause delay in investments in employee training and business equipment

Amplify your voice

Help us send a clear message to government – it’s time to axe the carbon tax! Fill out our Carbon Tax Action Alert here and send us a copy as [email protected] or fax 1-877-507-6595. 

September 26, 2018

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