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What you need to know about Manitoba’s balanced budget and tax referendum laws

You’ve told us today’s deficits and growing debt will become tomorrow’s tax increases. So it’s not surprising that 89% of you support Manitoba having strong balanced budget legislation. Another 88% of you agree that a referendum should be held for any proposal aimed at raising major taxes such as PST and income taxes.

The Manitoba Government listened
We worked hard to get the government to strengthen the legislation until it had the teeth necessary to get the province back to balanced budgets. As a result, the Manitoba government created new balanced budget & taxpayer referendum laws in June 2017.

Balanced budget legislation
The government is now required to reduce the deficit by at least $100,000,000 each year. However, the government is still not required to define a year-to-year strategy to return to balanced budgets under the new rules.

Taxpayer referendum legislation
This rule is now in place, but we remain concerned that the results would be non-binding.

Next Steps
Despite the positive changes, will continue to push the government to clarify the rules around the taxpayer referendum section to make sure that voting results would become binding.

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June 2, 2016

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