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Tell the Government where they should cut red tape!


Business owners like you deal with piles of red tape: PST, GST, employment standards, municipal by-laws, payroll taxes, WCB paperwork–the list goes on and on. You’ve told us red tape frustrates you—dealing with inconsistent information, confusing forms, outdated rules and rude customer service.



That’s why for the past year we pushed the Government of Saskatchewan to create a permanent website for you to report your red tape headaches and get them fixed: In fact, a CFIB survey found 82% of you supported this idea.


Pleased Premier Moe commits to introduce a Red Tape Web Portal:

“As someone who started and owned several businesses, there’s almost nothing more frustrating than getting the runaround….My team will commit to a Red Tape Web Portal where questions and concerns are submitted and responded to on an ongoing basis.” Premier Moe’s response to CFIB’s 2017 Leadership Candidates’ Survey.


Government listened to your concerns & last week announced the ‘Help Cut Red Tape’ web page – an easy, practical way for businesses & citizens to submit their red tape headaches! The province committed that each submission received from the public will be referred to the appropriate Government of Saskatchewan ministry, agency or Crown Corporation for effective follow up.

Tell the government what red tape headache needs to be fixed! Visit the Government of Saskatchewan’s new ‘Help Cut Red Tape’ web page to report the roadblock:


January 29, 2019

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