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Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion: It’s time for governments to respect the rule of law

Our surveys show us that a majority of business owners across Canada support major energy and resource development projects, provided they meet proper environmental conditions. Most recently, we have heard from members who are concerned about the controversy over Kinder Morgan’s Trans Mountain Pipeline expansion, and what it means for the country’s economy and our reputation as a place to invest.

The pipeline’s parent company, Kinder Morgan, has effectively said the project will die if the provinces and federal government don’t reach a solution by the end of May. Considering what this project could mean for Canadians, especially in the West, and what a failure would signify to investors and other businesses, it is important that the pipeline gets built. 

Green means go

The pipeline expansion was given the green light after a rigorous consultation by the National Energy Board, lasting four years and comprising nearly 200 conditions from different levels of government. Now the British Columbia government has decided to stall the project. It would be like if you jumped through all the right hoops to start your business, only to have the government change your locks the day before you open. 

This delay cannot continue. It shouldn’t matter if it’s a pipeline, a national park or a small business license; if it passes the proper approval process, government needs to get out of the way.

What you can do to help

Because businesses in Canada deserve to know that regulations will be respected, we have been active on this issue since day one. We have been instrumental in creating a new group called Confidence in Canada, a coalition of business associations, mayors, and community leaders who are pushing for governments to let the Trans-Mountain expansion get built.

The coalition has launched a petition to Prime Minister Trudeau and Premiers Notley and Horgan. Sign today and stand up for Canada’s business community! 

April 23, 2018

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