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Voice your concerns on new farm safety regulations

We’ve heard first hand from our members how detrimental this bill will be. Here are some of the actions CFIB has taken to ensure your voice is being heard:

October 2015: CFIB meets with Agriculture Minister Carlier, raising our members’ concerns before legislation is introduced.

December 2015: CFIB submits a letter to Premier Notley and the Labour and Agriculture Minister, urging the government to abandon this ill-conceived bill.

December 2015: Victory! Family farms exempted from WCB.

January 2016: CFIB’s Action Alert: Labour legislation disguised as farm safety, is launched and has received over 500 signatures to date.

January 2016: CFIB shows support for farmers by attending Bill 6 rallies and raising concerns about lack of consultation.

April 2016: Government announces formal consultation on Bill 6. CFIB’s Richard Truscott, Vice-President British Columbia and Alberta, was selected for agriculture working group.

January 2017: CFIB awards Alberta government annual Paperweight Award for weighing down farmers with regulations.

March 2017: Government announces consultation on the recommendations from the technical working groups on applying employment standards and labour relations to agriculture. Recommendations from the technical working groups on applying employment standards and labour relations to agriculture have been posted online.

Next Steps:

CFIB will continue ensure your concerns about Bill 6 are heard. We will be submitting a letter containing your recent comments and survey findings.
**Please also note that even if the bill passes as is, we will work with opposition parties who have pledged to repeal Bill 6.**

If you have any questions about how Bill 6 will impact your business, please call CFIB’s Business Resources at 1-888-234-2232 or email [email protected]

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March 15, 2017

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