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Tell the City of Winnipeg Where They Should Cut Red Tape!

You’ve told us red tape frustrates you—dealing with inconsistent information, confusing forms, outdated rules and rude customer service. That’s why we’ve fought hard at every level of government to reduce unnecessary and redundant red tape. We are working now with the City of Winnipeg and Mayor Brian Bowman to identify and fix the top red tape headaches that are holding back your business.

The City of Winnipeg wants to hear about your red tape headaches

The City is currently working with CFIB and others and launched an online consultation to develop a list of the top 10 outdated by-laws or regulations that could be eliminated or streamlined to make it easier to do business in Winnipeg. The City will also be holding meetings over the summer with CFIB and other stakeholders. 

We need to hear from you! Tell the City of Winnipeg what red tape headache needs to be fixed!

Do you have an example of a dumb or ridiculous rule that you think should be fixed? We are looking for your stories, big or small, about a confusing permit, unclear rules and/or poor or rude customer service.

Deadline: Please submit your red tape problems on the City's website before Monday, June 3rd, 2019.


You can also share your problems by emailing the City of Winnipeg at [email protected] or calling CFIB today at 204-982-0817.

May 23, 2019

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