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Even more changes to WCB policies?!

Earlier this year, the Alberta Government concluded a review of the workers’ compensation system. The new policies have now passed legislation; some came into effect earlier this year in January and April, and the rest will become effective throughout 2018. These new policies include Obligation to Reinstate, Interim Relief, Removal of maximum insurable earnings cap, and Expanded Psychological Coverage

This July our legislative team met with the Workers Compensation Board in Alberta to learn more about these new policies. You yourself can learn more about the 2018 changes on the WCB webpage; or as always, if you have questions or need help, get in contact with one of our Business Resources Counselors!

But it’s not over yet. Now, we are facing even more potential changes to WCB.

The WCB held consultations on proposed changes to their funding policies. We have reviewed the proposals, and there is reason for major concern. As a result, we have made a submission urging the WCB to not go ahead with any policies that negatively target local business. These are some of the proposed policies which raise concern: 

  • If the board is in an overfunded position and a refund is initiated, only a portion would be returned to employers. The remainder would be allocated towards worker initiatives decided by the WCB;
  • The timing and amount of issuing refunds to businesses would be decided at the discretion of the Board; and
  • Special funding levies would only be refunded to employers if they have been charged for three consecutive years;

We will keep you posted on what happens with these changes, and what we’re doing to fight them. Stay tuned!

September 25, 2018

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