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WorkplaceNL freezes premiums in 2021

Back in September 2020, we surveyed you, our members, regarding workers’ compensation in Newfoundland and Labrador. Your biggest ask was that WorkplaceNL freeze premiums for 2021. 

We shared this with WorkplaceNL’s Board of Directors and we are pleased it listened.

On November 9, 2020, WorkplaceNL announced it would be freezing premiums for 2021 at the 2020 rates. The intent is to keep the rates at this level until the Injury Fund surplus reaches 110%. 

The average assessment rate will remain at $1.69 per $100 payroll, and this includes the temporary discount of 21 cents per $100 payroll. 

CFIB also presented your views to the Statutory Review Committee on workers’ compensation and made the following recommendations:

  • Average assessments rates must not increase in 2021
    • Temporary discount should remain
  • WorkplaceNL should be fully independent or subject to government oversight
    • Policy decision-making processes should not be different for employers and workers
  • Implement training for all staff to ensure consistent information is provided
  • Create an Office of the Employer Advisor, similar to the one in Nova Scotia
    • Employer advisors would help with advocacy within the workers’ compensation system, provide legal representation (for a fee), etc.

November 27, 2020