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Worse than Paper Cuts: landfill fees unaffordable for you

Since the 2016 provincial budget, many of you have found it difficult to deal with the increase in current taxes and fees, and the introduction of new ones. Unfortunately the government isn’t finished: they are considering a new recycling program on printed paper and packaging.

Known as Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR), the intent of the program is for the manufacturer or first importer to take on the cost of recycling products and/or their packaging at the end of their lifecycle. Newfoundland and Labrador already has EPR programs for paint and electronics – now the plan is to have one for printed paper and packaging. The purpose of EPR is to encourage businesses to become more environmentally friendly.

However, depending on where your business is located, you may already be paying fees to recycle at a landfill facility (see the table below). These fees are meant to ensure recyclable waste is diverted from the landfill. Oddly, the goal of the new recycling program on printed paper and packaging is to divert waste.

CFIB is raising awareness about this new program and recommending that the government stop development of the program. You can read more about the program and waste management in general here.

You simply cannot afford this program right now!

2017 Fees for Selected Landfill Facilities
  Eastern Waste Management Central Newfoundland Waste Management* Western Regional Waste Management Labrador West Regional Management
Residential/Commercial Waste $67.60/tonne $136/tonne $59/tonne (Wild Cove and St. george's) $95/tonne
Recyclables $20/tonne $30/tonne $59/tonne (Wild Cove and St. George's) $95/tonne
Per Household $180 $79 Not applicable Not applicable

Source: Fee schedules published on websites for the regional boards and the 2016 Municipal Fee schedule for the Town of Labrador City.
*There is a non-complaince fee of $70/tonne applied for unsorted waste and/or non-permitted black bag

November 20, 2017