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boomers plus

BoomersPlus specializes in matching employers with qualified talent to fill critical-gap, project, or flexible/term positions (typically 3-24 months). By providing highly-qualified candidates to interview in a short turnaround, they reduce the risk, cost and time of recruitment.

•    Thousands of seasoned professionals, managers and executives. 
•    Owner-friendly flat-fee pricing model.
•    Innovative technology accurately matches you with seasoned candidates ready to interview in 10 days - guaranteed!

Whether you are looking for someone to fill management gaps, provide support or advice through the succession process, or to build out your pre- or post-exit team, BoomersPlus can match you with the seasoned professional you are looking for.

To find out more or book a consult, visit and use the promo code “CFIB20” to access your 20% member discount.  (Your CFIB member ID will be validated.)