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CFIB Municipal Local Business Platform

Do you feel confident that local businesses are prioritized in your city? This year’s municipal election takes place on October 20, 2018, and we’re working hard to make sure your voice is amplified. Keep scrolling to find out how you can help encourage your Mayor and Council to stand up for your local business!

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Our Platform Pillars

This year, CFIB has created a local business platform for the municipal election. We are asking Mayors and Council across B.C. to introduce key policies at the municipal level to help the odds of your business’ success! Below you can read more about our recommendations. And don’t forget to sign our municipal Action Alert below.

Municipal Business Vote

Taxation without representation is a phenomenon faced by many business owners. While some business owners live in the same city as their business, some happen to live outside of the municipality their business operates in. That’s why we’re asking municipal election candidates to introduce a municipal business vote, so local business communities have their voice hear.

Limit Municipal Spending

When municipalities fail to rein in spending, small businesses take a hit – and so do local economies. Local governments are spending faster than cities are growing, and you are having to foot the bill. We are advocating municipal governments to limit municipal operating spending to the rate of inflation plus population growth.

Control Municipal Wages

Not only are public sector wages higher than the private sector equivalent, they are also growing up to two or even three times faster than inflation. The collective bargaining and arbitration process is contributing to this and hurting municipal governments’ finances. We are calling for a public sector wage freeze and a review of these flawed processes.

Fair Property Taxes

Property taxes disproportionately burden small businesses. In fact, the average gap in B.C. between what a business pays in property taxes and what a resident pays is at a 2.7 to 1 ratio. How is this fair? We are calling on municipalities to cap the property tax at a maximum 2 to 1 ratio, which is supported by 69% of our members.

Reduce Red Tape

Government regulation and paper burden cost B.C. businesses an estimated $5 billion in 2017 alone. To help cut red tape at the municipal level, CFIB is advocating for a permanent business license. This means no annual fees and less administration! We are also encouraging municipalities to create an online platform where residents can submit their red tape concerns.

Construction Mitigation

Construction projects disrupt a lot of things: roads, walkways, bridges… but for small businesses, they do more than that. Construction projects disrupt business operations. They minimize vehicle and foot traffic, limiting customer exposure. CFIB is calling on candidates to create a detailed construction mitigation strategy to ensure the livelihood of small businesses is not put at jeopardy!

Tell your Mayor and Council directly!

Help us deliver your priorities to Mayor and Council directly! Fill out our Action Alert for the upcoming municipal election on October 20, 2018. With your help, we will deliver a large voice for local business in British Columbia.

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