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Your business has unique problems. Get the right answers.

Our Business Helpline has counsellors located in every region across Canada ready to answer your questions and help you navigate the daily challenges you face. As a CFIB member, you can contact us as often as you want.

We deal with the day to day issues affecting your business, in areas from HR and compliance to taxes, immigration, health and safety and much more. Your problems aren’t always glamorous and we like it that way—they become our problems and we don’t disclose them to anyone. We're dedicated to saving you time and money by making sure you comply with regulations and avoid costly fines. 

We solve 40,000 issues every year brought to us by business owners just like you on a wide variety of issues. That knowledge grows with every call, and you leverage it every time you call us. 


Tap into a wealth of knowledge

40,000 issues solved Every year
95% satisfaction rating By CFIB members
What we do

Firing an employee? Unsure about holiday pay? Buried in permit problems? Don’t waste time working it out on your own. We decipher the complicated rules and regulations your business has to follow for you. We assess your situation, do the research and make sure you avoid costly fines by staying compliant. Our advice is tailored to you. And if you need to speak to a lawyer or an accountant—we’ll tell you. 

Governments might be good at enforcing legislation, but don’t always tell you what you need to know about running a compliant business. We do.

The CFIB Advantage

At CFIB, we're dedicated to fighting for your success. We do it when you call our Business Helpline, and we do it when we meet with government policy makers every single week. 

Your membership puts our fierce advocacy team in your corner. They take the obstacles you have to overcome each day to policy makers across Canada and push for legislative change--that way we can solve these complex issues for other business owners as well. Some of the biggest battles we've waged against unfair government policies started with a simple phone call from a frustrated business owner. 

All of this is included in your CFIB membership. 

You don't have to do it alone.

Running a business is hard. Compliance and HR issues pop up unexpectedly, rules and regulations change constantly, employees come and go and keeping track of it all is a headache. It can even seem like governments only exist to get in your way. But don’t worry—we stay up to date on all these issues so you can focus on running your business. Why delay? Call 1-888-234-2232 to solve your business problems today.     

Plus, CFIB members unlock our Resource Library

Dozens of templates That make running your business easier
+40 webinars With more on the way
Resource library

Our comprehensive resource library contains dozens of downloadable templates available exclusively for CFIB members at no additional cost. It includes employment contracts, dress codes, drug and alcohol policies and many more documents that protect your employees and make running your business easier. Each template is fully customizable and can be adapted to your business needs. Need help customizing? Just call our Business Helpline!

Call 1-888-234-2232


Explore more than 40 recorded webinars on topics from cutting red tape and cyber-risk management to avoiding credit card fraud and maximizing your business potential through email marketing included in your CFIB membership. And there’s still more to come. Stay tuned for upcoming webinars and register in advance.  

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But don’t just take our word for it…

Our most recent member survey indicates 95% of CFIB members who contact our Business Helpline are satisfied with their experience. Here’s what some of them had to say:

The counsellor was simply excellent. She listened (an underrated skill!) to everything I said, provided great feedback, investigated my queries thoroughly, and followed up promptly and thoroughly. I am beyond impressed, and I wish I had used this counselling service more in the past! Thank you, and thank you CFIB!

Robert Bailey--CFIB member in Newfoundland

I love how prompt you respond to our requests. I feel so much more confident in making decisions and you save me so much time "googling" for advice! Worth every penny.

Melanie Atwell--CFIB member in B.C.

The counsellor went above and beyond to obtain answers to a couple of my questions. She was able to clarify our rights as an employer within hours of my initial call. It is the first time that I have turned to CFIB for advice and was not disappointed.

Lina Carter--CFIB member in Ontario

The counsellor went above her requirements. She found resources that will be helpful to my employee, during her time of need. I cannot express my appreciation enough for her assistance.

Lorne Bumstead--CFIB member in Ontario

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