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Canada Recovery Hiring Program (CRHP) 

You can still get money to help you cope with the increasing costs of payroll. You do NOT need to be in the hardest-hit sectors or in the tourism and hospitality industry to be eligible for this wage subsidy.

The program ends on May 7, 2022, but it is retroactive, and applications are accepted up to 180 after the end of a period (Nov. 3 is the last day you can apply for the last period). So, the sooner you apply, the more money you can get!

How does CRHP work?

  • Revenue loss needed: at least 10%
  • Wages eligible:
    • New hires
    • Increased hours or wages of existing employees

  • Retroactive applications: you can apply up to 180 days after the end of a claim period.
  • Subsidy available: Up to 50% of the remuneration that exceeds the remuneration you paid during the reference period (March 14, 2021, to April 10, 2021).


CRHP maximum subsidy calculation - April 07 2022

In the example above, you could get up to $5,000. Your business could surely make good use of this kind of money!

What are the deadlines to claim CRHP?
Periods Period dates Last day to claim CRHP
Period 22 Oct 24 to Nov 20, 2021 May 19, 2022
Period 23 Nov 21 to Dec 18, 2021 June 16, 2022
Period 24 Dec 19, 2021, to Jan 15, 2022 July 14, 2022
Period 25 Jan 16 to Feb 12, 2022 August 11, 2022
Period 26 Feb 13 to Mar 12, 2022 September 8, 2022
Period 27 Mar 13 to Apr 9, 2022 October 6, 2022
Period 28 Apr 10 to May 7, 2022 November 3, 2022


Don’t wait! See below for all the details to know if you qualify or talk to our advisors at 1-833-568-2342 if you need help or have questions.

What is the CRHP?

The Canada Recovery Hiring Program (CRHP) is a hiring subsidy which will support employers with a subsidy of up to 50% on incremental remuneration paid to eligible working employees (I.e., the portion of remuneration exceeding the remuneration of the baseline period). It will be offered until May 7, 2022, to qualifying employers who have seen a drop in revenue due to COVID-19. During the periods where applicants are eligible for the CEWS, they will have the choice of benefiting from either the CRHP or the CEWS with a declining rate.

Most recent update:

On December 17, 2021, Bill C-2 received Royal Assent, extending the Canada Recovery Hiring Program until May 7, 2022.

As more details are available, we’ll update our website with the most accurate, recent information.



CRHP Program Overview

How the program is administered: CRHP is administered by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA) on a period-by-period basis, with each period spanning 4 weeks (this is referred to as a CRHP Claim Period). Below is a schedule of CRHP Claim Periods, but please keep in mind that this program will overlap with the declining CEWS. Applicants will be able to select the more beneficial between the two programs:

Period 21 Period 22 Period 23 Period 24 Period 25 Period 26 Period 27 Period 28
Sep 26 to Oct 23, 2021 Oct 24 to Nov 20, 2021 Nov 21 to Dec 18, 2021 Dec 19, 2021, to Jan 15, 2022 Jan 16 to Feb 12, 2022 Feb 13 to Mar 12, 2022 Mar 13 to Apr 9, 2022 Apr 10 to May 7, 2022

Amount businesses can receive: 50% (declining to 20% by the final period) multiplied by incremental payroll of active employee wages (not including furloughed employees) in comparison to the active employees’ wages between March 14 and April 10, 2021 (from CEWS period 14). There is no maximum dollar amount a business can receive from the program; however, there is a limit on the amount of subsidy you can receive for a single employee’s weekly wages.

Program duration: June 6, 2021, to May 7, 2022

How to apply: Applications are open through CRA’s My Business Account, Represent a Client, or the web application form.

Application deadline: 180 days after the end of the claim period.

Eligibility criteria: Nearly all businesses are eligible for the hiring subsidy. To be eligible, your business must:

  1. Have a CRA Business Number issued before March 15 or a third-party payroll provider who submits your payroll to CRA;
  2. Have active employees on payroll who receive a T4 slip (includes new hires); and
  3. Have a revenue loss of more than:
    • 0% for CRHP period 17 (between June 6 and July 3, 2021).
    • 10% for CRHP period 18 (July 4 – July 31) and all following CRHP periods.

Please see the eligibility requirements below for more details.

How to calculate: Each claim period you apply for has its own calculation. Please see the eligibility requirements below for more details. For a quick estimate of your CRHP you will need to determine your active employee payroll for the current period (current period remuneration) and subtract the active employee payroll paid between March 14 and April 10 (Base period remuneration). Then multiply the result by the CRHP subsidy rate for the claim period to determine the maximum CRHP amount ($) that your business is eligible for.

(Current period remuneration – Base period remuneration) (CRHP subsidy rate) = CRHP ($)

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CRHP Eligibility Requirements

Determine if your business meets all four of the following criteria:

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CFIB advocating for on CRHP?

What we have achieved:

  • CFIB recommended in all its pre-budget meetings to introduce significant hiring incentives to help reunite employees and employers, as well as offset the cost of CPP/QPP increases.

What we're pushing for:

  • For government to extend the CRHP beyond May 7, 2022.

How you can help:

  • We’ve pushed the government to make some progress, but we're still fighting for better relief measures. Add your voice today.


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