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CFIB Ontario Municipal Elections

Do you feel confident that small businesses issues are a priority in your town? Ontario’s municipal elections take place on October 22 and we’re working hard to make sure your voice is heard!

Reduce red tape

Regulations and paper burden at all levels cost Ontario businesses an estimated $15-billion in 2017. Approximately one-third of that is unnecessary red tape.
To help cut red tape at the municipal level, CFIB is advocating for:
• A permanent businesses licences – meaning no annual fees and less administration!
• A red tape reduction charter, with a checklist for new regulations and a rule that guarantees that the overall burden won’t increase.

Compensating businesses hit by construction

Infrastructure projects can create serious headaches for small businesses. They create noise, build up dust and debris, and reduce vehicle and foot traffic, limiting customer exposure.
CFIB is calling on all municipal candidates to create a detailed construction mitigation strategy to ensure the livelihoods of small businesses are not put at jeopardy from prolonged major construction projects.

How is your municipality doing?

We collected business owners’ views from 49 municipalities to identify key areas of concern independent businesses have with their local governments. See how your city fared and check out our recommendations for mayoral candidates!