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CFIB pushes your priorities with municipal politicians

Over the past couple of months, the British Columbia CFIB team met with nine mayors and high ranking bureaucrats thus far to advocate on your behalf. When we speak with CFIB members in person or read through your survey responses, the most pressing issues we hear about quite often surround municipal policies.

Meeting with mayors and council allows us to bring your concerns directly to decision-makers, whether it’s about burdensome by-laws, rapidly increasing spending, or the large gap between what residents and businesses pay in property tax.

While these meetings were undoubtedly productive, they were equally tense at times.  We were introduced to some interesting initiatives municipalities are introducing, such as Victoria’s business hub which helps established business owners connect with local resources, and helps to get new businesses off the ground. Most of the mayors acknowledged the tough realities facing independent businesses, however, acknowledgement and action are two very different things.

CFIB will continue to hold municipalities accountable by conducting thorough research on topics you highlight as concerns, and by meeting with other BC municipalities to advocate for small-business friendly policies. Please let us know if you have any problems with your local government, and we will be sure to bring them forward.

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