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Save big on credit card fees

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Accepting payments doesn’t need to be such a big expense. Why not get the best deal possible? 

In addition to Chase’s terrific rates, you can save 12.5% on Mastercard's core electronic rate, and more on some premium cards, only by being a member of CFIB. 

By switching to Chase® Merchant Services, CFIB members can save thousands  an annual projected savings of $2,975** based upon a sample of members.

Find out how much you could save!

It's free and there's no obligation.


*All merchants subject to credit approval, all fields required.

*By submitting this form, as an authorized representative of the merchant, you agree to be contacted by Chase and CFIB by telephone or email.

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Why Chase?

Competitive Rates

Enjoy competitive rates for your credit and debit card processing exclusive to CFIB members.

Trusted Brand

Part of the JPMorgan Chase family, a leading global financial company and CFIB’s trusted partner for payment processing.

24/7 Support

From Chase Customer Service team.

** Average savings of $2,975 was calculated by comparing the actual payment processing fees paid by 105 member businesses (as detailed in their monthly statements from competitive processors) to the fees each business would have paid with Chase® Merchant Services on CFIB’s preferred pricing plan and special Mastercard rate. Specific savings for your business may be lower or higher depending on your current processor, category, transactional activity and card type.