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CFIB supports small construction business owners like you

The challenges facing small and medium-sized construction businesses like yours are endless. Endless stacks of red tape, workers’ comp woes, fighting to get paid on time… not to mention the struggle to find, hire and keep qualified staff.

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is standing by you when you face these challenges. Representing 12,000 of your fellow small construction business owners, we can make it easier for you to run your business successfully in three ways:

Save time

You’ll get dozens of templates for common issues, whether it’s recruitment and retention, discipline or employment standards. Plus, 1-on-1 help from expert counsellors is a phone call away!

Save money

You’ll access exclusive discounts with leading providers save on vital services, from payroll and accounting to training and benefits.

Make yourself heard

Have your voice amplified by our fierce advocates, whether it’s on the labour shortage or costly payroll tax increases.

CFIB is an ideal organization for small construction business owners. Our business counsellors can help you work on compliance and HR issues. Our negotiators have secured exclusive low rates on business services including payment processing. You focus on running your business; CFIB takes care of the rest.

Tips on construction site safety

There’s no end to the hazards you and your employees face on a work site. CFIB and Northbridge have produced these practical resources to help you mitigate the risks.

Save on accounting

With QuickBooks, the world’s #1 accounting software, you can save countless hours keeping tabs on your cash flow, expenses and invoices. Plus CFIB members save 20%!

Train your staff quickly & easily

From health & safety to compliance, Vubiz has online courses for everything – and they’re FREE for CFIB members!

Find out what CFIB can do for you!