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We're fighting to get your business more relief

Our online petition is just one way that we are working to pressure all levels of government to get your business the support it needs to survive. 

Every week, we survey our members about the impact COVID-19 is having on small business. Every Monday, we take that data to policy makers across Canada, and every Tuesday, we reveal it to the media.

 We're making sure your problems are heard and understood by those in a position to help. Policy makers use our data to help make decisions—and they tell us it's invaluable. Want to know more? Visit our Small Business Help Centre to learn about the fight we're waging for small business.


Want to give small business owners more support? Here's how you can help. 

There are more online initiatives working to secure better relief measures for small business owners across Canada. We encourage you to check them out below and consider lending your support. 

Hospitality staff cannot work from home--and their livelihood depends on other people leaving theirs. COVID-19 has thrown the hospitality industry into a state of crisis and it will need support from all levels of government as well as Canadians across the country in order to survive. Learn more about the #SaveHospitalityCA campaign, including what the industry needs and how you can help. 

Save Hospitality


Small business owners across Canada are pausing their businesses to save lives. But without pausing their expenses too, many will not be able to reopen once the crisis is over. All levels of government need to protect business owners from taking on even more debt! Learn more about the Save Small Business campaign, including three urgent relief measures small business owners need and how you can sign a petition to give more support. 

Save Small Business


We’re dedicated to supporting your business through this difficult time by compiling answers to the most common COVID-19 questions and keeping you up to date on the latest relief measures from the Federal government. Visit our Small Business Help Center to learn more.