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COVID-19 FAQ: Financial Support

Helping you get the support you need

The pandemic has wreaked havoc on small businesses, leaving many of you to look for financial support. Here, you’ll find more information about government aid programs, so you can get the help you need.

Most recent update: 

July 30, 2021: CEWS, CERS, and CRB have been extended to October 23, 2021.

From August 29 to September 25 the maximum CERS/CEWS subsidy rate is increased to 40%.

From September 26 to October 23 the maximum CERS/CEWS subsidy rate is 20%.

See our dedicated program pages below for more details.

What is CFIB advocating for?

What we have achieved

Thanks to our members’ feedback, we have successfully pushed for the government’s aid to be expanded and extended, especially CEWS, CERS and CEBA. Find out more about our many victories for small business.

What we’re pushing for

The federal financial supports have improved, but there are still many gaps in the relief they provide. Here’s what we’re still pushing government to do to provide more and better support.

How you can help

We’ve pushed the government to make some progress, but we're still fighting for better relief measures. Add your voice today.


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Our primary concern at CFIB is making sure you have the support you need to get through this uncertain and challenging time. We provide you with expert advice and ensure that you have all of the latest information on government announcements and available support.