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Employee Testimonials

Our latest Employee Survey shows CFIB employees are some of the most engaged in the county. It’s no secret why: We’re one of Canada’s most influential business advocacy groups, and their work ensures everything we do reflects our members’ interests.

Interested in working with CFIB? Hear from some of our District Managers (DMs) as they describe their role—and what it’s like to work with independent businesses and CFIB!

More feedback on the role from CFIB District Managers:

The autonomy, freedom and flexibility is unlike anything I’ve ever done before.

Jesse Kline District Manager

This is the best job that you’re ever going to find.

Vince Godin DM

I'm proud of the organization and I'm proud of the work that all of the people within CFIB do that help our members get the answers that they need.

Susan Burgess DM

The best part of this job is being able to meet with business owners, talk to them about how they operate, being able to be in my territory and be a part of the community.

Carlos Perez DM

As long as there’s breath in my body, I’ll be working here.

Julie Boersma DM