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The ABCs of building an employee handbook
✓ Integrate new employees
✓ Introduce company structure
✓ Enforce rules & procedures fairly & rigorously
✓ Facilitate employee integration
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Do you have an employee handbook? Whether you answered yes or no to this question, CFIB’s free webinar “The ABCs of building an employee handbook” can help your business!

An employee handbook is an essential tool for successfully integrating new employees into your team. It can also: 

  • Provide an introduction to your company and its internal structure.
  • Ensure that operating rules, procedures and working conditions are enforced fairly and rigorously.
  • Facilitate employee integration and commitment, and foster a feeling of belonging.

This might sound like real headache if you don’t have a human resources expert to help —but the good news is that CFIB can help you create a comprehensive, easy-to-use employee handbook!

During the webinar you will gain access to our FREE employee handbook template. This can serve as an excellent starting point for creating a handbook tailored to the needs of your company!

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Register for April 24, 2018 @ 1pm EST

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