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Quebec Election: our fight for small business continues

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In the run-up to Quebec’s provincial election, we keep fighting for you! We’re bringing your concerns to all major political parties and showing them how important it is to consider the realities of running a business.
In early June, together with other business associations, we met with Premier Philippe Couillard and the leaders of the three main opposition parties. We reminded them of the crucial role you play in Quebec’s economy and the challenges you face. We openly addressed your hiring needs and Quebec’s competitive disadvantage at the tax, legislative and regulatory levels.

Firm commitments in preparation for the campaign
We also wrote a letter to the party leaders asking them to commit to:

  1. Maintaining and accelerating both the tax rate reduction (from 8% to 4%) already announced by the government and the Health Services Fund (HSF) rate reduction (from 2.70% to 1.65%)
  2. Reducing regulatory costs for businesses by 20% over the next four years and allowing small businesses that clock fewer than 5,500 working hours to benefit from the small business tax rate, as they used to do
  3. Taking necessary steps so that small businesses in every sector have access to the labour they need
  4. Eliminating red tape and obsolete regulations like the Act respecting collective agreement decrees
  5. Not raising the minimum wage to $15/hr

Join other entrepreneurs in making your voice heard by signing our letter! Every letter we receive will be delivered to party leaders on your behalf at the beginning of the election campaign.