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Is your Manitoba business at risk?

By law, your business must have some written policies in place. Without these documents, you are at risk of fines for non-compliance. Other types of company policies may not be required by regulation, but are smart business practices to reduce your risk.

Read CFIB's Compliance Checklist today to find out what help your business needs. 

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Workplace Safety & Health

Manitoba’s Workplace Safety & Health requirements vary depending on how many employees you have. Common topics include: • Written Policies (eg. working alone) • Committee or Worker Representative • First Aid Kits & Trained Staff • Harassment & Violence Prevention • WHMIS Training

Privacy Policy

All companies must have a policy about how they collect, use and disclose personal information. As Manitoba does not have its own privacy law, one must adhere to Canada’s Personal Information Protection and Electronic Documents Act (PIPEDA).


All businesses must have a Customer Service Standard policy to ensure positive and inclusive customer service to all, no matter the disability. By May 1, 2020, all businesses must have plans to prevent barriers that affect current and future employees with disabilities.

Company Policies

Not all policies are required by the government, but some are just good for business. Popular templates include: • Employee Code of Conduct • Employment Contract • Social Media Policy • Cell Phone Policy

HR A to Z Tool Kit

More templates are available in CFIB’s Human Resources A to Z tool kit. Let us help your business save time with: • hiring your first employee • simplifying day-to-day staff management • dismissing an employee • understanding employment standards

Drug & Alcohol Policy

We have partnered with Fasken, a leading Canadian law firm, to help you with navigate the confusing rules around drug and alcohol in the workplace. Download the policy template and watch the webinar now.

Workplace Safety & Health Policies

Requirements under Manitoba’s Workplace Safety & Health laws vary according to the number of people in the business. CFIB has templates and expert advice to help ensure your business is compliant with topics including:

Company Policies

Not all policies are required by the government, but some are just a smart business practice. CFIB has many templates that can help make it easier for you to be a great employer. These include:

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