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Manitoba Election 2019: Small Business Platform

The Manitoba election takes place on September 10th. We're challenging party leaders to make small business their big focus, so your priorities get the attention they deserve. 

Find out where your candidates stand on small business priorities: HERE

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Our Manitoba Election 2019: Platform

CFIB created the Manitoba Election 2019: Small Business Platform to ensure party leaders understand what policies will improve the odds of your business’ success.

Tax Relief

The simple fact is: Manitoba’s small businesses are facing a greater cost crunch than they did three years ago. Taxes are increasing and other costs are rising from every level of government, and the problem is expected to get worse with annual hikes coming to CPP premiums and carbon taxes.

The next government of Manitoba must deliver tax relief for small businesses.

Spend Like a Small Business

Small business owners work hard to operate within their means and they expect their governments to do the same. Manitoba is still expecting a $360 million summary deficit in the 2019 budget, and the provincial debt has ballooned over the last few years.

The next government of Manitoba must return to balanced budgets and spend like a small business.

Reduce Red Tape

Like taxes, red tape is a huge cost to businesses. While progress is being made, red tape at all levels of government cost the Manitoba’s businesses about $360 million annually. Cutting this will save businesses time and money, while improving compliance to make life safer for everyone.

The next government of Manitoba must reduce red tape for small businesses.

Labour and Training

Outside red tape, there are some rules and programs that stifle business growth in Manitoba. For examples, there needs to be more of a fair partnership between employers and employees to improve safety. Or, graduates are not prepared with the soft skills needed to succeed in the workplace.

The next government of Manitoba must balance labour laws and enhance training programs for small businesses.

Find out where the party leaders stand on your priorities

CFIB surveyed Manitoba party leaders to find out where they stand on key business issues including taxation, spending, red tape, labour laws and training programs.