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Manitoba needs a competitive tax environment

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  • Manitoba needs a competitive tax environment

Manitobans face one of the least competitive personal income tax structures in Canada. For example, a dual income family of five earning $75,000 pays 824% more tax here than in Saskatchewan. While other provinces are moving ahead with reforms, Manitoba continues to fall further behind. 


Source: 2015 Manitoba Budget

Manitoba must make our income tax structure more competitive by:

  • Raise the basic personal tax exemption: At $9,134, Manitoba has the lowest basic personal exemptions west of New Brunswick. Families in Saskatchewan can earn $15,639 before paying tax on their income.
  • Eliminate “Bracket Creep”: Manitoba is one of only three provinces that does not index tax brackets and the basic personal tax exemption for inflation.  This means more and more of your money disappears every year due to hidden tax grabs.
  • Lower tax rates: Manitoba charges over twice as much tax as Ontario on minimum wage earners (10.8% versus 5.05%).
  • Raise tax brackets: At $31,000, Manitoba’s lowest tax rate ends faster here than almost anywhere else in the country. By comparison, the lowest tax rate ends at $44,028. This means more of your money is taxed at a higher tax rate and puts your family further behind other Canadian families.

If you agree that there is something fundamentally wrong with this then let Premier Selinger and the provincial government know! Let’s make them understand that achieving personal income tax fairness in Manitoba should be the government’s top priority. You can help by sharing your comments and experiences by signing our Action Alert!

And why not get your employees involved too? You can use CFIB's template email message for your staff to inform them of the campaign and to encourage them to sign the petition.