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CFIB to provide small biz reaction to Throne Speech

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Red tape reduction, fiscal accountability and competitive tax environment among top concerns

Winnipeg, November 21, 2016 – With the Manitoba government set to deliver its Speech from the Throne in Winnipeg today, the Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) will be closely monitoring the Throne Speech with respect to Manitoba’s business climate.

Jonathan Alward, CFIB’s Director of Provincial Affairs for Manitoba, will be available to provide comments at the Legislative Building directly following the delivery of the Provincial Throne Speech this afternoon.

“We are pleased the Manitoba government has made progress on a number of small business priorities including: indexing the personal income tax system to the rate of inflation for 2017; reinstating secret ballot voting prior to union certification; freezing minimum wage; joining the New West Partnership; and consulting Manitobans on the Canada Pension Plan (CPP) expansion,” said Jonathan Alward, Director of Provincial Affairs for Manitoba.

CFIB will be looking for the Manitoba government to clearly outline policies that will further improve the small business climate and continue to address the province’s outstanding competitive challenges.

CFIB’s key priorities are:

1.     Commit to red tape accountability;

2.     Fix the fiscal fundamentals; and

3.     Create a competitive tax environment.

“We have presented our members’ concerns to the new government, so we hope the province will continue taking steps to improve Manitoba’s business climate,” said Alward.

“Red tape costs Manitoba entrepreneurs $400 million every year in lost time and higher costs. Manitoba needs legislation to mandate red tape measurement, reporting requirements and annual reduction targets,” added Alward. “Significant fiscal discipline is also needed in the upcoming years to balance the budget, as is a competitive tax environment, which will encourage businesses to start and expand, thereby generating more economic growth.”

To arrange an interview with Jonathan Alward, please call 1 888-234-2232, 204-982-0817 or email [email protected]. You can also follow CFIB Manitoba on Twitter @cfibMB.

CFIB is Canada’s largest association of small and medium-sized businesses with 109,000 members (4,800 in Manitoba) across every sector and region.