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CFIB statement: Ontario’s 2019 economic outlook

We applaud the government for keeping their promise to lower Ontario’s small business tax rate. The move will ensure Ontario’s small businesses remain competitive and provide welcome relief to employers navigating a tight labour market, high property taxes, and inflationary increases to their hydro bills.

In continuing to reduce the deficit, the Ontario government is creating the economic climate needed to cultivate small business stability and growth.

We look forward to engaging with the Premier’s Advisory Council on Competitiveness and the Small Business Success Strategy in the coming months. These programs are a strong signal to the small business community that the government remains committed to keeping Ontario open for business.

-Julie Kwiecinski, Director of Provincial Affairs, Ontario, Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)

We are pleased to see that the government is focused on upgrading Ontario’s transit infrastructure to get the province moving. While the completed projects will be a benefit, the building process will take a toll on local businesses. We strongly encourage the government to work with its municipal partners to develop comprehensive small business construction mitigation programs for each of these projects.  

It is also encouraging to see that the government remains committed to broadening private-sector participation and access points in the cannabis retail market after having a limited roll-out during the first year of legalization. We look forward to the coming consultations to ensure that there is opportunity for private, independent retailers to be active participants in the sector.

-Ryan Mallough, Director of Provincial Affairs, Ontario, Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB)

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November 6, 2019

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