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CFIB statement on Ontario government time-of-use electricity pricing announcement

The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) welcomes today’s news from Premier Ford and Minister Rickford effectively bringing an end to Time-of-Use (TOU) electricity pricing for small business owners as of November 1 this year.

Eliminating TOU pricing has been a CFIB recommendation since smart meters were introduced. The existing TOU pricing structure has been a major source of frustration for our members. Small business owners have been overwhelmingly unable to adjust their consumption habits based on time-of-day usage, as they are dependent on their clientele and regular hours to survive. TOU pricing is largely viewed as a tax on small businesses for being open.

CFIB is also pleased to see the government is providing $8 million in immediate energy cost relief to those small businesses hardest hit by COVID-19.

Competitive electricity rates will be a key component to small business success as we begin down the long road to economic recovery. Giving business owners the option to choose the pricing model that works best for them will help to keep them competitive and grow the Ontario economy again.

-Plamen Petkov
Vice President, Ontario

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