Small business welcomes The Open for Business Act

Bill 2 introduced today will provide more flexibility for small employers to grow & create jobs

Edmonton, May 27, 2019 –The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) welcomed today’s introduction of Bill 2, The Open for Business Act, in the legislature. 

“Business owners need to know their government has their backs, and that they are creating a policy environment that will facilitate their success. Today’s announcement signals a step in that direction. Allowing a more flexible system of employment rules and entry-level wage rates for independent businesses will go a long way to accomplishing that goal,” says Richard Truscott, Vice-President, Alberta and BC.

If passed, Bill 2 will:

  • Create a $13 minimum wage for students under the age of 18
  • Return the Employment Standards Code to previous general holiday pay and banked overtime rules
  • Change several aspects of the Labour Relations Code, including restoring the mandatory secret allot of all union certification votes.

According to the recent Post-Election Survey of independent business owners:

  • 97 per cent support ensuring employment rules provide flexibility for both employers and employees (1 per cent oppose, 2 per cent don’t know);
  • 84 per cent support freezing the general minimum wage at $15 an hour (10 per cent oppose, 6 per cent don’t know); and
  • 82 per cent support creating a $13 minimum wage for youth 17 years of age or younger (12 per cent oppose, 6 per cent don’t know).  

“Independent business in Alberta continue to face many challenges. The provincial government needs to get our economy back on track and kick-start more job creation. Other than getting pipelines built, the top priority for the province’s entrepreneurs is to have their government focus on creating a more small business friendly policy environment. Bill 2 puts Alberta on the start of that path,” concluded Truscott. 


Richard Truscott, Premier enney, Minister Copping, Mark von Schellwitz and Mo Blayways
Richard Truscott (Vice-President Alberta & BC, CFIB), Premier Kenney, Minister Copping (Labour & Immigration), Mark von Schellwitz (Vice-President Western Canada, Restaurants Canada), Mo Blayways (Owner, 1st RND) at the annoucement of Bill 2, the Open for Business Act on Monday May 27th in Edmonton.

For media enquiries or interviews, please contact Richard Truscott, Vice-President, Alberta and BC, at or 403-444-9290. 

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