UCP policy proposals on track for cutting red tape

CFIB looks to all parties to put forward policies to support entrepreneurs

CALGARY, March 6, 2019 – The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) responded to the unveiling of the United Conservative Party’s regulatory reform policies today by characterizing the proposals as a solid blueprint to cut red tape for small business, and encouraged other political parties to come forward with their own plans.

“We have been clear that the key ingredients for successful regulatory reform are leadership, measurement, and accountability. There are definitely good doses of each in the UCP proposals announced today,” said Richard Truscott, Vice-President, Alberta and BC.

CFIB put check marks beside policies to appoint a cabinet minister responsible, consult with businesses through industry roundtables, set goals and measure the regulatory burden by ministry, make public regulatory plans each year, and harmonize Alberta’s regulations with other provinces where it makes sense.

“We have been working on this file for many years with governments of all political stripes across the country. The next Alberta Government needs to know this can’t be just a one-and-done initiative. There must be sustained progress over time. The government will need to ensure there is a longer-term plan to maintain the momentum. We will, of course, be watching and making sure they get it right”, concluded Truscott.

In the lead-up to the election, CFIB has outlined 10 policy ideas for all political parties that would provide much-needed support to Alberta’s entrepreneurs:

  1. Apply a “Small Business Lens” to all new government policy
  2. Cut red tape
  3. Reduce the Small Business Tax
  4. Balance the budget, control spending
  5. Refund the WCB surplus to employers
  6. Scrap the Carbon Tax
  7. Rebalance labour laws
  8. Freeze the minimum wage, create a training wage
  9. Push back on CPP payroll tax hike, federal tax changes
  10. “Just say no” to a PST

The full platform document is available here.

For more information or to arrange an interview, please contact Richard Truscott, Vice-President, Alberta and BC, at msalb@cfib.ca or 403-444-9290.

About CFIB:
The Canadian Federation of Independent Business (CFIB) is Canada’s largest association of small and medium-sized businesses with 110,000 members across every industry and region, including 10,000 in Alberta. CFIB is dedicated to increasing business owners’ chances of success by driving policy change at all levels of government, providing expert advice and tools, and negotiating exclusive savings. Learn more at cfib.ca.