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Hiring doesn’t have to be hard
– or expensive

Periodically, we evaluate the CFIB Savings Programs to ensure there is enough member adoption. Through that lens, although Fitzii provided excellent customer service, CFIB and Fitzii mutually agreed to not renew the partnership going forward, effective January 31, 2019.

Should you have any questions or concerns during this transition, contact us at 1-888-234-2232 or via email at  [email protected]. Alternatively, if you need any assistance, you can also contact Fitzii directly at 1-866-551-0732 or email [email protected].


The easy & affordable path to hiring success

Finding and retaining great employees is critical to your business’ success.

However, 77% of CFIB members have experienced major difficulties hiring. Small businesses typically spend twice as much recruiting a new hire as large companies do, while suffering from a much higher job vacancy rate.

That’s why CFIB has partnered with Fitzii, a hiring solution that helps small businesses level the playing field. With Fitzii, you will find great new employees – while spending less time and money on recruitment.

Find out what you can save!
  • Attract 3x the qualified applicants with expert job advertising.
  • Use screening tools and services to quickly find your next star employee.
  • Enjoy a 30% savings on the CFIB Hiring Success Package ($620).

Expert advice with every hire

Whenever you have a job opening, simply contact your Fitzii Hiring Advisor to create a smart and cost-effective hiring plan. Your advisor will help you:

  1. Profile your job: Your Advisor will help create a profile of the qualifications, personality traits and characteristics of your ideal candidate.
  2. Write an awesome job ad: A professional copywriter will write an ad that will bring in three times the qualified applicants compared to a typical job description.
  3. Create an advertising plan: Your Hiring Advisor will help you place ads wisely and save money through special rates with the premium job boards.
  4. Fitzii Assessment: It’s impossible to determine who is a good fit from a résumé alone. That’s why the online Fitzii Assessment scores candidates based on qualifications, personality traits, and environment-fit.
  5. Screen and shortlist candidates: Studies have shown that adding multiple, valid screening methods is the only way to maximize your chances of making a great hire. Your Hiring Advisor will discuss proven approaches and help you decide which methods are right for you.
Quickly find the best fits

The Fitzii Assessment is an option you can add to any job posting to help you avoid the pitfalls of resume screening. It’s automatic scoring and ranking means that your best-fit candidates rise to the top, and you can stop wasting time with unqualified people.

The assessment can be made optional or required for all applicants to complete. It takes the candidate only 10-15 minutes and it scores each person on two dimensions:

  • Skills & Experience Fit
  • Personality & Environment Fit

The psychometric personality test component was created by one of the most trusted vendors in the employment screening industry. In fact, CFIB’s HR department has used it for years!

These types of tests normally cost $50 to $150 per applicant. For CFIB members, the Fitzii Assessment is priced at a flat rate of $155 per job, with unlimited applicants.

Say “goodbye!” to hiring chaos

Fitzii’s FREE Applicant Tracking System acts as a command centre for all your hiring needs. It streamlines your posting process, centralizes all applicant activity, and keeps everything tracked and organized.

With Fitzii’s system, you have one place to centrally communicate with candidates and colleagues, as well as:

  • Automatically post your job listings on many job boards, including Indeed.
  • Create custom links to track exactly where your applicants come from.
  • Get special rates when you post to paid job boards, such as Workopolis, Monster and LinkedIn.

Save 30% with the CFIB Hiring Success Package

Getting hiring help is easy and affordable with Fitzii’s a la carte menu of services, assessments, and software that cover any type of hiring. You only pay for the services you use and don’t need to worry about recurring fees or per-hire commissions.

For most hiring scenarios, we have created the CFIB Hiring Success Package, which is 30% off for CFIB members. There is nothing like this in the recruitment industry.

For just $620 (regular price $885), you will receive:

  • A professionally written job ad
  • A Fitzii Assessment to score all applicants
  • A posting on Workopolis (or Jobboom in Quebec)
  • Postings on the major free boards and social media
  • Use of the Fitzii applicant tracking software

Or Get More Help

If you need more help, you can build off the CFIB Hiring Success Package and choose between three additional packages. Each determines where the Hiring Advisor’s work ends, and yours begins.

There are also several additional services and tools that can be added to any hiring plan, including: references surveys, online skills testing, recorded video interviewing, and in-depth psychometric testing. All are 20% off for CFIB members.

What CFIB members are saying

“I have used Fitzii to fill three positions and would highly recommend them to all small business owners – I’ve been looking for something like them for 25 years!

I was so impressed with how Fitzii’s Hiring Advisor described our organization and expressed our needs and preferences in their amazing job ads. They were written professionally and have attracted many more quality candidates than I have been able to bring in on my own in the past.

Then, the Fitzii Assessment helped me to quickly get down to the select few candidates that I wanted to call and interview. Their user-friendly hiring software kept the entire process really organized. CFIB members are missing out if they’re not ready to use Fitzii for their next hire!”

Francine Dore
Clinic Director
South City Physiotherapy