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Save 12.5% to 22% on Mastercard’s
Core Electronic rate.

Exceptional payment processing rates

Recognizing the combined buying power of CFIB’s 109,000 members who generate over $3 billion annually in Mastercard sales, Mastercard has agreed to match its top tier rates for CFIB members. This is a 12.5% savings over Mastercard’s Electronic rate for Core cards and 22% on some premium cards.

These savings are in addition to the exceptional payment processing rates already provided to CFIB members by Chase Paymentech

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  • The CFIB special Mastercard rate is available through all credit card processors in Canada who meet Mastercard’s requirements
  • Save 12.5% on Mastercard’s Core Electronic rate
  • Save 22 % on some premium cards
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How Do You Get The Special Mastercard Rate?

This special rate is available exclusively to CFIB members. NOT YET A MEMBER? Find out the many benefits to your business of joining CFIB.

Chase Paymentech is CFIB’s trusted partner for payment processing and offers CFIB members preferred rates on payment processing services. Chase Paymentech is the only payment processor with an exclusive service and pricing agreement with CFIB and is committed to passing 100% of interchange savings through to our members who qualify for the CFIB special Mastercard rate.

The CFIB special Mastercard rate is available through all credit card processors in Canada who meet Mastercard’s requirements.

In addition to Chase Paymentech, CFIB has confirmed that the following payment processors will support our rate:

  • Elavon
  • First Data
  • Global Payments
  • Moneris
  • TD Merchant Solutions
  • Bank of America Merchant Services Canada

Please note that CFIB does not have direct partnership agreements with these processors. As a result, to get the lower rate, you will need to contact your processor and provide your CFIB membership ID number. At this time, we are unaware if Desjardins (Monetico) and some other processors intend to offer the CFIB special Mastercard rate. Please contact your processor to learn more about their plans.

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If so, you will automatically receive these saving starting April 3rd, 2017.

Or contact us at 1 888 234-2232 or e-mail [email protected]

Associations and Franchise groups

To get CFIB’s Mastercard and Chase Paymentech special rates for your association members or franchise group, contact Michael Kirwin at [email protected] or 1 888 234 2232.

How we got here

CFIB has long been a powerful force in negotiating with government and the credit card industry, working to ensure independent business in Canada get a fair and transparent deal when it comes to payment processing. We pushed for:

  • The introduction of the Credit and Debit Card Code of Conduct,
  • A reduction and 5 year freeze in average interchange rates to 1.5%, and
  • Negotiated preferred rates and special terms with Chase Paymentech for CFIB members as part of our Privilege Programs. 

And now, CFIB members can enjoy the benefit of Mastercard’s highest volume rates.

And now, CFIB members can enjoy the benefit of Mastercard’s highest volume rates.

"This new agreement with Mastercard is a big deal for small business,” said Dan Kelly, President of CFIB. "It gives members access to transaction rates that reflect their combined sales of more than $3 billion, and lowers their cost of acceptance. This is a significant step forward in Canada’s payment industry and serves as an important sign of progress in the relationship between payment companies, like Mastercard, and smaller merchants,” Kelly concluded.

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When you join CFIB, you can save up to $5,000 per year on essential business services. Our partners, including Mastercard, offer discounts in areas such as payment processing , banking, payroll processing, shipping, and email marketing, and much more.