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Protect your business and employees – while saving up to 40% on CNESST* premiums

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Secure your most important resource – your staff

CNESST premiums can cost a fortune.

As a small business owner, you must protect your employees and comply with occupational health and safety (OHS) regulations. But you also must ensure that you can afford your premiums.

Morneau Shepell–Health and Safety at Work (HSW) offers CFIB members exclusive services that will improve your OHS management while reducing your costs.

Find out what you can save!
  • Save between 30%-40% on your CNESST* premiums.
  • Enjoy up to 1 free year of prevention mutual group pre-membership.
  • Exclusive to CFIB members: Save 24% discount on your fees and 62% on your first year.

Get a 24% discount on your prevention mutual group fees

Are you an employer with few or no claims?

The CFIB Concerto prevention mutual group might be your best option.

With CFIB Concerto, you can save between 30%-40% on your CNESST premiums. And you get an exclusive 24% discount on fees. Services include:

  • Support visit from a prevention consultant
  • Development of a prevention plan and annual update
  • Employment injury claims management, including services of a designated physician, medical assessment and legal assistance
  • Cost-sharing analysis and requests
  • Trauma services (phone or onsite intervention by professionals with workers in case of traumatic accident)

Prevention Mutual Groups are Morneau Shepell–HSW's most popular solution. With a combined payroll of nearly $2 billion, CFIB's small business members have more PMG participants than any other group in Quebec.

Footnote: *CNESST (commission des normes, de l’équité, de la santé et de la sécurité du travail) formely known as CSST (commission de l’équité et de la sécurité du travail)

Get a 10% discount on MAXIMA retrospective mandate services

Is your business too big for a prevention mutual group?

Look into our MAXIMA retrospective mandate.

If you have a medium-size enterprise, you could pay several hundred thousand of dollars per year to the CNESST (formerly CSST) in premiums and must bear the cost of each claim.

Morneau Shepell–HSW offers actuarial services to keep you informed of the status of your CNESST record and performance – allowing you to better manage your cash flow.

With the MAXIMA mandate, CFIB members can save 10% on Morneau Shepell–HSW ’s retrospective mandate.

Don’t wait until an emergency! Protect your business and employees today

Morneau Shepell–HSW is Quebec’s leading occupational health and safety provider, offering the widest selection of OHS services available. No matter what your line of business may be, Morneau Shepell–HSW can offer solutions that improve your efficiency and profitability, while protecting your most important resource, your employees.

I want to lower my premiums!

Complete this form and send it to Morneau Shepell–HSW for a no-cost analysis of your CNESST record and to discover how you can take advantage of CFIB’s exclusive offers!


* CNESST rates are set in the following manner: the current year and the previous one have no impact. Only performance of the four years prior to those affects rates. This is why changes in CNESST rates are delayed and gradual.

** For the free pre-membership, as well as for the fully discounted first year, your business must have a CNESST record with few or no claims, sufficient to be invited to join CFIB’s PRIMO PMG, and you must register to it for a 2-year commitment.

† Services included in pre-membership are the same as those in a mutual group, except for the inclusion of medical assessments or legal advice.