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Premium telecom services at small business prices

The quick and easy way to cut your telecom costs

Are your phone, long distance, and internet costs eating into your revenue? Are you tired of expensive, long-term contracts? Are you still paying for a fax line that you rarely use? SelectCom is offering CFIB members discounted pricing on customized, flexible, and cost-effective telecom services.1 With SelectCom, you can cut your internet and phone costs – while taking advantage of all the features that customers expect when they do business with you.

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Find out what you can save!
  • Save up to $1,000 per year on your telecom services.
  • No contracts or long-term commitments!
  • Get all of the phone features that leading brands use … but at small business prices.
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CFIB members who switch to SelectCom save about $1,000 per year

"We have been dealing with SelectCom for approximately 10 years, and the service is fantastic.  No waiting on hold when I call.  We did both the hardware and the long distance for 10 lines and the transition with our complicated phone system was extremely easy, and I barely had to lift a finger. The pricing is so good that we can keep our original lines. Thanks for helping us move from the expensive systems." Jeff Runciman Canadian Aero Accessories Calgary, AB

Project a big business image on a small business budget

With cloud and VoIP technologies, your business can benefit from the rich features of a large-scale phone system. Select VoIP lines provide outstanding call quality with business phone functions – without the capital investment of an enterprise-grade phone system.

As a CFIB member, you can get a Select IP Business Line for just $20/month. The line includes:

  • Popular business features including voicemail-to-email, intelligent call routing, “find me-follow me,” call hold with music, voicemail, caller ID, and much more
  • Free installation2 and no term contract
  • Unlimited long distance calling in Canada3
  • 400 minutes of U.S. long distance calling per account
  • Auto attendant add-on for $12/month
  • The ability to keep your current phone number

Act now! Call 1-866-364-3936 to find out how much you can save.

Reduce your business phone line costs

Are you being nickeled-and-dimed for basic features on your business phone?

SelectCom offers CFIB members fully-featured business phone lines for just $30/month4. You can keep your current phone number while enjoying:

  • Caller name and number display
  • Call forwarding
  • Call waiting or line hunting
  • Three-way calling

SelectCom also offers free installation and obligation-free contracts.

Ditch that dated fax line!

Get rid of that clunky fax machine and expensive phone line.

For just $10 / month with SelectCom, you can send faxes via email. All you need to do is attach your document to a regular email, and SelectCom will fax it. If someone sends you a fax, you will receive it in an email as an Acrobat PDF attachment.

You can keep your current fax number, so you won’t have to deal with the hassle of telling everyone your new contact information.

Unlimited, lightning fast and reliable high-speed internet

High-speed internet is no longer an option. Without it, you simply can’t serve customers and drive sales.

Starting from $40 per month6, you can take advantage of SelectCom’s reliable connection with unlimited data traffic.

And you don’t need to worry about long-term commitments. You can change the service at any time, as SelectCom won’t force you into a term contract.  

Enjoy big savings on long distance, audio conferencing, and more!

Are you paying too much for your long-distance services?

SelectCom offers CFIB members long distance7 and 1-800 services at just 1.5¢/min. The same flat rate applies for both Canadian and U.S. calls, so you can lower your costs if you do business across North America.

Do you conduct a lot of virtual meetings? With SelectCom your online meetings are easier to join, less painful and more productive. SelectCom offers audio-conferencing for just 3.9¢/min.

Are you a CFIB member yet?

YES!  Call 1 866 364-3936 to start saving now!

No. How do I get these savings?

When you join CFIB, you can save up to $5,000 per year on essential business services. Our partners, including SelectCom, offer discounts in areas such as telecommunications, payroll processing, banking, shipping, and email marketing, and much more.

1All services are subject to availability. $5 monthly account fee applies. “Typical savings of about $1,000” vary according to the needs of each business client and are realized on the totality of telecommunications services ported to SelectCom.
2There are no installation fees for Select IP business lines, but there can be fees to program certain features, such as line hunting and “Find me–Follow me”.
3Long distance calls to area code 867 are subject to a fair use clause.
4$37/month in “tariff” areas of Ontario and Quebec
5There are no installation fees for business lines, but there can be fees to program certain features, such as line hunting. In some circumstances, an additional charge for dry loop service may be required. Consult SelectCom for more information.
6In some circumstances, an additional charge for dry loop service may be required. Consult SelectCom for more information.
7Long distance calls to area code 867 are subject to a fair use clause.