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The municipal elections are coming - help CFIB make your voice heard

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  • The municipal elections are coming - help CFIB make your voice heard

Sign CFIB's new action alert, and we’ll deliver your priorities directly to your mayor! Municipal elections are just five months away, and it’s about time local governments prioritize B.C. business.

Do you feel confident that local business is a priority in your city?

This year, we are asking Mayors and Councils across B.C. to stand up for local business, and introduce key policy items to increase the odds of success for your business! The six key policy items outlined in our municipal election platform this year encourage municipalities to:

  • Limit municipal spending
  • Control municipal wages
  • Introduce fair property taxation
  • Introduce a municipal business vote
  • Prioritize red tape reduction
  • Develop a construction mitigation plan

You can help!

Our strength is in numbers. Sign our new municipal election Action Alert and we will deliver it directly to the elected mayor in your city! It’s time we hold mayor and council accountable.

Municipal issues can easily be overlooked. That’s why we are also releasing our new Municipal Red Tape Detective Report in advance of the election. For this report, we graded 20 municipalities across B.C. on red tape related items. We examined all 17 municipalities in the Metro Vancouver region as well as Victoria, Kelowna, and Prince George. How does your city compare? Read the report to find out!

We’re not just analysing local red tape issues in our report - we are also providing municipalities tailored recommendations to help streamline online processes and introduce business friendly practices. By signing our action alert, you will help put the pressure on for municipalities to adopt small business friendly policies while minimizing red tape!